IDE40 Class of 2021 Industry Review

Event Details


As part of our celebrations of the 40th anniversary of the Imperial-RCA Innovation Design Engineering programme we hosted a speed-networking-review evening for our very special group of IDE40 students graduating in June 2021 in a virtual Dyson Design Engineering building ( platform)

The aim of the event was for our guests to have a series of one-to-one meetings with the students to discuss their project or career plans. In a World impacted by the global pandemic, collaboration and mutual support become even more significant.

Direct connections with leading figures from organisations and industry with constructive feedback to support this next generation of innovators was a beneficial use of an hour and a half from everyone's busy schedule.

The class of 2021 consists of 50 students whose' projects are organised into categories. Based on these interests, each guest from industry was paired up for three one-to-ones and moved around the virtual Dyson building to meet during the event, plus have additional time to meet up with other students and projects of interest and network with guests.