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Jeremy Hulse
Lisa Aoyama
Joy Zhang
Katherine Zhang
IDE 2021
Human Connectivity

Minuscule Adventure is an audio experience accessed through a wearable portal that activates your senses through responsive, real-time narration and music. Inspired by the lack of sensory engagement during lockdown and the rapidly increasing norm of working from home, we created an immersive experience that transforms a daily walk in your neighbourhood to a minuscule adventure, to feel a deeper connection with the environment and make today different from yesterday.



When we formed our group at the end of May 2020, we set out to help build a world in which we are radically empowered to collaborate with each other and the world around us. In the height of the first wave of the pandemic, this vision manifested itself as a notion of “sensory thinking” — that as living beings, we need to activate our bodily senses in different ways than how they are engaged in digital interactions.

Many of us experienced what seemed like a tragic Groundhog Day situation when screen interactions dominated most of our waking hours during the lockdown. Others took the opportunity to rediscover their neighbourhoods and appreciate their surroundings. Through this project, we sought to facilitate an experience of connecting with our environment, to live today that is different from yesterday.

A group of two designers and two engineers from four different countries, the project journey posed many challenges both within and beyond the project scope. Balancing remote and physical working, remote and in-person experiments, and weekly group reflection sessions, we navigated the project to land where we are today.

We are proud and excited to share with you the Minuscule Adventure experience, and hope it can help make your today different from yesterday.

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How it works

LAUNCH PROTOTYPE — The Minuscule Adventure prototype can be experienced through your mobile device. For the best experience, we suggest a walk in Hyde Park! Please note, this is a web-app, so do not lock your screen during the experience.